Fed-Up Chicago Man Turns Presidential Candidates' Faces Into Dog Biscuits

By Rachel Cromidas in Arts & Entertainment on Sep 17, 2015 5:13PM

Presidential Candidates' dog biscuits, via Jack Knott

A local dog-owner and 3D-printing hobbyist has put his frustration with U.S. politics and love of dogs to good use: He's created a line of dog biscuits shaped like the faces of Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, Jeb Bush and other big-name U.S. presidential candidates.

"Boneheads," as the biscuit line is perhaps aptly named, came to life when Jack Knott, an Old Town-based publicist, was watching a presidential debate in August out of one eye and watching his golden labrador mix, Key, devour an ice ball out of the other.

"Watching the debates, I thought, these guys are total boneheads, and I just had the lightbulb to make [dog biscuits] as the heads of presidential candidates," Knott, 25, told Chicagoist.

Besides getting joy from watching your beloved pet devour a presidential candidate in miniature effigy, Knott says you might like the dog biscuits because they're made without preservatives or other artificial junk that comes standard in dog biscuit formulas.

"People are fed-up with politicians, and I think dogs are fed-up with toxic chemicals in their food," he said. "I saw a lot of similarities in the double-speak and misdirection in the presidential debates and also in the pet-food industry."

Knott designed the biscuits himself using a 3D printer and a face-modeling software that scanned photos he found of the politicians online. Though the biscuits are a passion project, Knott recently launched a Kickstarter with a goal of raising $5,000 so that he can mass0produce a line of treats in 2 lb. boxes to sell to the public.

Knott also said he's hoping to ride the wave of excitement around the 2106 presidential race and the niche interest in limited-edition presidential race memorabilia. We aren't sure how your typical campaign button collector will take to collecting presidential dog biscuits, but we're excited to see this project take off. Here's a product image of the Chris Christie biscuit:

via Jack Knott

Presumably, if you're a die-hard Clinton or Trump supporter (hey, it happens), you can elect to only feed your puppy the opposition's heads.