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'Back To The Future' Day Is Upon Us, But Which Timeline Are We In?

By Michelle Meywes Kopeny in Arts & Entertainment on Oct 20, 2015 3:20PM

'Back to the Future II' via Universal

With Back To The Future Day just hours away and the Cubs down two games in the NLCS, it got us wondering—what timeline are we in? Are we in the right timeline, the “good” one where the Cubs win the World Series, or are we in the the skewed “alternate” timeline where a blonde butthead hotel entrepreneur rules?

The classic '80s film Back to the Future II took us 30 years into the future to ... tomorrow. It's the exact date that Marty and Doc time travel to—Oct. 21, 2015 (at exactly 4:29 p.m. for purists)—and as young Marty looks in awe around Hill Valley’s city square, we see lots of predictions about our present day. We’ve seen plenty of lists of what has and hasn’t come true (where are our flying cars and hoverboards?!), but one of the most important predictions that the movie makes is that the Chicago Cubs will win the World Series. And wouldn’t you know it, the lovable losers are on track to possibly make that very thing happen for the first time in more than a century. It’s their first time in the playoffs in seven years and the closest they’ve even been to the big ballgame in twelve. It’s density, I mean destiny, right?

Yes, naysayers, there are semantics. The only thing that seemed to surprise Marty about the news was that Miami had a baseball team, and while they DID eventually get one (as Marlins Man reminds us at every freaking playoff game) they’re not even a potential opponent. And there’s the fact that the World Series would have been over by now. Just stick with us, O.K.?

What if the Cubs don't go all the way? There’s another, alternate view that is looking awfully suspicious. When Marty and Doc go back in time to 1985, they realize that the past has been altered and they’re in an alternate reality. It’s dark, post-apocalyptic almost, with citizens clinging to their guns and a man with a round face and blonde puffy hair in power. He’s a boisterous hotel and casino entrepreneur who loves to put his name in giant letters on the side of the building. Of course he surrounds himself by beautiful women and doesn’t speak all that intelligently. Starting to sound familiar? Pretty heavy, huh?

'Back to the Future II' photo via Universal

To be fair, we never saw the alternate timeline’s 2015 in the film, but it’s safe to assume that things didn’t get much better for the world where Biff was calling the shots, and running for the highest office in the land is something he likely would have done by now. Plus the guy would be just as tacky and outspoken today as he was in 1985.

So which timeline are we in? Is it the sunny, hopeful one where the Cubs bring home the Commissioner’s Trophy? Or are we going to let Trump, I mean Biff, take over a country bound for a dystopian future?

Come on Cubbies, do it for the glory, do it for Chicago, but most of all, do it for America. Prove to us that we’re in the right space time continuum.

'Back to the Future II' photo via Universal

Back To The Future II is screening on Oct. 21 in a limited number of theaters nationwide to mark this auspicious occasion, check here to see if it's playing in your area. The Cubs play game 3 tonight.