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Cards Against Humanity Made $71,145 Selling Literally Nothing On Black Friday

By Emma G. Gallegos in Arts & Entertainment on Nov 30, 2015 6:00PM


During last year's holiday shopping season, Chicago's favorite irreverent card game literally sold bullshit. This year, they literally sold nothing. And as with last year, they actually did pretty well!

There were 11,248 buyers willing to pay at least $5 to get absolutely nothing in return. Some enthusiastic buyers even ponied up $100, according to their website. Altogether the company made $71,145 in profit. Not bad.

Maybe some people thought the money would go to some sort of charitable cause or something. And it did, kinda. The company says they decided to keep all the money for their employees, who then tabulated exactly how they spent it. Many of the employees did give to charity. There were thousands of dollars given to Planned Parenthood, refugee support and animal rescues. And people had fun buying up tickets to Cubs games, really expensive whiskey and scotch and a $3,120 gold-plated vibrator (!!!)

Many used it for very practical purchases, like paying down their student loans, fees for a divorce attorney and a Chevy suburban for his mom whose car broke down.

And amazingly, no one blew it on drugs!