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The Bulls' Pau Gasol Is A Chicago Deep Dish Pizza Grinch

By Rachel Cromidas in Food on Dec 29, 2015 9:15PM

Chicago Bulls forward Pau Gasol is not a fan of deep dish pizza, to say the least. The Spanish basketball player had some choice words to describe the city's signature pizza style in a recent GQ interview:

I’ve tried it. I’m not a fan of this deep dish pizza. To me, it’s just a cake of melted cheese. I like the thin-crusted pizzas better.

Much blood and tomato sauce has already been spilled in the timeless power struggle between the forces of good and evil, the Dark Side of the Force and the light side, deep dish pizza and thin-crust (and relatedly—Chicago pizza versus New York City pizza). Yet, Gasol's comments still hit a nerve with some die-hard deep dish fans.

Gasol is apparently a "big food guy," and game to chow down on insects, worms, lamb brains and pig intestines. His Netflix-and-chill TV show of choice is even the cooking show Chef's Table, and he's more than happy to throw shade at the Food Network trainwreck known as Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives

So our question is, first, where did Gasol go wrong on his way to Chicago pizza nirvana? And what about the sound of "cake of melted cheese" is anything less than fantastic to him?