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Did A Las Vegas Restaurant Rip Off The Menu From Sable In River North?

By Anthony Todd in Food on Jan 19, 2016 3:30PM

Theft in fine dining isn’t an unheard-of concept. The line between “stealing something” and “inspiration” isn’t always a clear one, and who’s to say that when a chef replicates a dish from another restaurant, they aren’t adding their own special spin? But there’s inspiration and there’s copying, and it looks like a restaurant in Vegas may have crossed the line.

Heather Terhune, the former Chef at Sable, clued us into this on Facebook. The restaurant: Carson’s Kitchen, part of the group formerly helmed by now-deceased celebrity chef Kerry Simon.

Here’s the menu for Carson’s Kitchen, as it appeared online before it was taken down sometime this morning:


Here’s the menu for Sable, at least as it was before Terhune left last year:


As Terhune said on Facebook, “Looks familiar. Where have I seen this?” The similarities between the two include the bracketing and font in the heading, the layout, the types of section headings (including, verbatim, the headings “Farm and Garden” and “Between Bread” and the bracketing at the bottom.

By the way, Sable opened in 2010, while Carson’s Kitchen opened in 2014. We attempted to contact the Carson’s Kitchen for comment, but the restaurant’s email bounces back and no one answered the phone.