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'Dibs Shame' Campaign Compares Dibs Users To Donald Trump Voters

By Kate Shepherd in News on Jan 20, 2016 5:17PM

DIBS SHAME Kickstarter

Dibs is one of Chicago's most annoying and bizarre phenomenons. Local Jonathan Pool has come up with a plan to make dibs participants social pariahs by associating them with Donald Trump.

He's raising money on Kickstarter to print yard signs that read "Trump Voters for Dibs: Because F--- You" to place on dibs participants' spots.

Dibs is a "societal plague" and retaliation can be serious, from slashed tires to actual violence, Pool wrote on Kickstarter. He explains more about his campaign on the site:

DIBS SHAME seeks to eliminate Parking Dibs once and for all by shaming participants with the sign you see above. No more need to complain or drive around at night glaring at people returning home to their dibsed spot as you circle the block for the fifth time! Most people will realize the ultimate selfishness of their act when they return home to see this sign affixed to their lawn garbage. And it is my hope that most will be so mortified to be identified as a Trump supporter that they will discontinue this deplorable practice. Those who take pride in being identified as a proud Dibser AND Trump supporter will likely be ostracized in their neighborhood, and will have to deal with the social fallout of being a nutball.

Even if it doesn't snow again this year (and let's hope it doesn't), the signs will be relevant next year and in years to come because "it will be quite a while before the cultural milieu is scrubbed clean of Trump's stain," according to the campaign.

His goal is to have the signs ready by mid-February. He's looking for $1,000, and he's raised $95 so far.

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