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Cyclist Attacked, Mugged On The 606 Says He Doesn't Feel Safe Up There Anymore

By Rachel Cromidas in News on Feb 24, 2016 7:10PM

A cyclist was attacked and mugged while riding through Logan Square on The 606 Friday night, his bike stolen along with other personal belongings, according to police.

The 25-year-old cyclist, who filed a police report and wrote about the violent mugging on Reddit this week, told Chicagoist he was heading home from Lakeview when three or four men (he told the police there were four, and now says he clearly remembers only three) on the elevated trail jumped him near Kedzie Avenue. At least one of the men punched him in the ribs, he says, and one held him by the neck and choked him while another fished through his bag and pockets for his wallet.

According to the police report, the attack took place around 11:30 p.m. in the 3200 block of West Bloomingdale Avenue, a police spokeswoman told Chicagoist.

"I wasn't really scared, except for when the guy who had my neck was choking me, because they couldn't find my wallet," the man, who spoke to Chicagoist under the condition of anonymity, said in an email. "I was pretty tired, it was the end of a full day for me, and I was listening to earbud headphones at a low volume. This, coupled with the straight up surprise of three guys jumping at me, I didn't stand any chance of fighting back."

The muggers took his iPhone, bicycle and bag, which contained his wallet, and left him with just his helmet and house keys. No one is in custody for the crime as of Wednesday, according to police.

"I did not at all consider this would happen," he said. "I used to ride The 606 end to end last summer when I couldn't sleep. I won't be doing that again. I don't imagine I'll be up there at all anytime soon. [The police] told me there are always people patrolling up there, but I have never seen them."

There are security cameras on the trail, in addition to police patrols stationed near and sometimes on the trail, according to authorities, and the city has plans to install call boxes.

The cyclist said cycling is his main form of transportation, and that won't change. However, "I will be much more alert, especially at night. I also will be staying off The 606 for the foreseeable future."