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It's a Leap Year: Spend Your Extra Day Improving Your Nights

By Sponsor in Arts & Entertainment on Feb 29, 2016 6:00AM


Happy Leap Year, everyone! Do you feel it? While it may seem like a normal boring Monday, February 29th is in fact the rarest of holidays. Regardless of whether or not you take part in the traditional quadrennial celebration, make sure to spend your bonus day wisely. Do some meal prep, fold your laundry or, even better, use the precious extra time to improve your non-bonus-days. How? By giving yourself the gift of better sleep with Casper. You can even save $50 off your mattress with the code CHICAGOIST at check out.

Named one of TIME's 25 best inventions of last year, Casper mattresses are no joke. Ordering is done completely online and cuts showroom mattress prices by up to half. Added bonus: you won't have to deal with commission-grubbing salespeople. Avoid the high-pressure human interaction and use your computer (and common sense) to order a supportive, durable mattress straight to your door.


Shipping is free and the entire mattress comes in a box smaller than your old dorm fridge. Getting it up stairs and through tight hallways is a breeze. No more two man job wiggling and praying your new bed will actually fit in your apartment. Once you take it out of the box and plastic covering, it expands so quickly it's not even worth time-lapsing.

Insanely comfortable and equally durable, these mattresses change the game. Three layers of material (latex, memory foam and 6.5" of base foam) are wrapped in a breathable, easily cleaned cover that's fully removable. The cool, comfortable and supportive mattress is yours to try for 100 nights risk-free, and offers free returns should you decide against keeping it. But, like, you'll forget about that proposition after about 3 nights.

So whats it gonna be? Going to waste the precious extra hours starting off March? Or are you going snag a comfy, inexpensive Casper mattress that'll improve your sleep for the foreseeable future? Exactly. Don't forget to use code CHICAGOIST to get $50 off at checkout. After all, a life well slept is a life well lived.


This post is a collaboration between Casper and Chicagoist Staff