Women Read Misogynist Donald Trump Quotes In New Ad Funded By Cubs Owners

By Rachel Cromidas in News on Mar 14, 2016 8:47PM

The Chicago Cubs-owning Ricketts family has been funding some of the Republican opposition to Donald Trump's presidential bid—a fact Trump has made his displeasure with clear.

With the Illinois primary nearing, the Ricketts'-backed super political action committee, or super-PAC, the Our Principles PAC, has released a new attack ad featuring women reading misogynist quotes from the GOP candidate frontrunner, who has demonstrated ample sexism, racism and xenophobia throughout his campaign. Trump recently planned and then cancelled a rally in Chicago at the last minute.

The quotes included, "Look at that face, would anyone vote for that?" which Trump said of opponent Carly Fiorina in 2015, and "That must be a pretty picture, you dropping to your knees"—a comment Trump apparently made to a female contest on his TV show Celebrity Apprentice. "This is how Donald Trump talks about our mothers, our sisters, our daughters," a woman in the ad said as it wrapped up.