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Someone Is Saying The N-Word On Chicago Police Radio, Again

By Emma G. Gallegos in News on Mar 21, 2016 4:35PM

Some radio equipment (Photo by Paul L. McCord Jr. via the Creative Commons on Flickr)

It's happened again: for the second time in a week someone is saying viciously racist things over the frequencies used by Chicago police.

Spot News recorded a snippet of the offending scanner fire. It sounds like a routine call but at the 1:04-minute mark, someone breaks in and says, "Will you shoot all these goddamn n*****s and get it over with?"

A man's voice asks, "Did you get a radio number on that?" A female dispatcher replies "no." And the man's voice responds, "It was not one of ours."

You can hear it all here (warning: disturbing language):

Last week, a recording from a Chicago police scanner captured someone saying, "Black Lives Matter, my ass. Fucking n*****s." The Chicago Sun-Times reports that the Chicago Police Department has launched an official probe into who was behind the recording and has promised that if it's someone in the department, they will be immediately suspended and subject to disciplinary proceedings. The Office of Emergency Management and Communications said that the audio "lacks identifying characteristics of an official police radio."

In a statement sent to Chicagoist Monday morning, the police department's office of News Affairs said they have "confirmed" the broadcasts are coming from an unauthorized radio.

"The racial comments are abhorrent and absolutely unacceptable," the statement reads. "We have confirmed these are coming from external, unauthorized radios accessing emergency frequencies. At this time, there is no evidence that this individual is a city employee, however, OEMC and CPD continue to investigate.

Police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi told the Sun-Times last week, "It is strictly prohibited for a Chicago police officer to use unauthorized radios to access frequencies. While I’m not going to say it’s never happened, certainly officers would face discipline if they cued up on air. . . . There needs to be additional investigation."

We will update this post with a statement from CPD when we receive it.