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Five Reasons To Paint Your Walls Right Now

By Sponsor in Arts & Entertainment on Apr 11, 2016 5:00AM

Benjamin Moore "Lighthouse"

Picture this: after several years of dorms, that summer you slept on a couch, and a handful of places that came with things like a shared bathroom for five or the upstairs neighbor who is definitely herding cattle, you've just moved into your dream apartment—and this one even comes with windows! Or perhaps you're one of those magical unicorns who just purchased a place on your own—good job!

Now that you've lugged all of those boxes (who knew you had that much stuff?), arranged the curtains so (hopefully) the neighbors can't see in, and you've organized all your books in that color-coordinated way your old roommates used to tease you for—congratulations! You're the keymaster of your brand new and totally perfect home. Time to take a breather and pop that bubbly. (Or queue up Netflix in bed—however you, oh celebrated master of the domicile, like to celebrate.)

But wait a second—maybe something is missing. Dishes? Check. Stuffed animals that you've secretly kept with you all this time? Check. Underwear? Yes, check. How about the walls? Maybe you've hung a few frames, but we're here to tell you that you deserve more—and trust us, it's totally worth it.

With peak moving season just around the corner, we thought it might be helpful to give you a good primer (ha-ha) on why you and your walls deserve some color. And pro tip: if you're a renter, just check that your landlord is cool with a little paint. If you own the place, good news! You answer to nobody.

Benjamin Moore "Blue Hydrangea"

1. White is boring. And it's how most walls come pre-packaged. While all-white can be very chic, all-white walls may tumble into the realm of the institutional. But you know what white is great for? Showing dirt and grime. So take a risk with a little color and let your personality shine.

Instead of white, try yellow. Like a refreshing beam of morning sun, yellow imbues your home with optimism and cheeriness. It's great for smaller areas like hallways or alcoves, and a soft yellow on the bedroom walls will help you rise from slumber more rested and alert.

2. Don't inherit the personality of those that came before you. While the guy who previously rented your pad may have expressed himself through walls painted cherry red with a stripe of neon blue, that doesn't mean that you must be stuck with a stranger's bad decisions.

Instead of accepting what once was, try (a less insane) blue. The color blue is often associated with calmness and rejuvenation. It's even said that blue tones may bring down a person's blood pressure—maybe that's why lakes and oceans can be so relaxing. So do yourself a favor and try a shade of blue in any room you want to chill out in—the bedroom and the living room come to mind.

Benjamin Moore "Grasshopper"

3. Your landlord or the previous owner probably did a not-so-great cover-up job. If you've ever had the pleasure of things falling apart in your place—think the shelves in the cookie-cutter kitchen straight from Home Depot aisle six, what makes you think the paint job was done the right way? Weird splotches on the ceiling, bad patchwork, chipped paint—we've seen it all.

Instead of "just dealing with it," try green.
Often associated with lush and verdant natural beauty and a sense of renewal, green is a calming workhorse color great for any spot in your new place. It's a color believed to increase fertility, so depending on where you're at in life, it may be perfect (or maybe not) for the bedroom.

4. Take control. Seriously, you spent all that time arranging your books and organizing your sweater collection that you're going to leave the walls to chance? Take ownership over all things domestic and claim those walls as your next project.

Instead of letting fate decide, try purple. Known for it's royal flair and exotic playfulness, purple is guaranteed to add a strong pop of drama and energy to any room. For those of you with softer sensibilities, lavender will invite a more tranquil and restful vibe.

Benjamin Moore "Enchanted"

5. It's easier than you think. Maybe you imagine that painting requires ten of your best friends and enough pizza to pay for their service. While that can be fun, there is a better way.

Instead of relying on the amateur skills of your best buds, try Paintzen. Paintzen takes the mess and the stress out of home and office painting. Hop online and tell us a bit about your project. Then, grab a free and instant quote, choose your colors—available exclusively by Benjamin Moore—and Paintzen will send a team of expert painters to get the job done right. They'll even bring the paint!

Are you thinking of your walls in a new light? Yeah, we thought so. Get ready to breathe some color into your life and check out Paintzen today.

This post is a sponsored collaboration between Paintzen and Gothamist staff.