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Video: New Dolphin Calf Frolics With Mom At The Shedd Aquarium

By Tankboy in Arts & Entertainment on May 5, 2016 8:50PM

Katrl and her new calf do a swim-by. ┬ęShedd Aquarium/Brenna Hernandez

The Shedd Aquarium sent out the official word Thursday morning: their newest Pacific white-sided dolphin calf is a boy, and he's still as adorable as when we first met him.

The as-far unnamed little guy was born a few weeks ago to his mom, Katrl. And while birth sounds like it was a little difficult at the time, and things in general can be touch-and-go with baby dolphins for the first couple of days, mom and son appear to be doing just fine right now.

The Shedd is one of only four aquariums studying the 17 Pacific white-sided dolphins currently in captivity in North America. So while the birth was joyous news when it happened, it's also a font of potentially new knowledge about how this species' breeding habits.

"Pacific white-sided dolphins are nearly impossible to study in the wild because they live in deep water instead of coastlines," the Shedd's marine animal manager Madelynn Hettiger said in a statement. "What we learn about them at Shedd can provide valuable insight that can support management in the wild.”

If you want to see this little cutie in person, you're still going to have to wait for a while, and the silent video released Thursday is your only chance right now. Both mom and son are being kept away from prying eyes in the Secluded Bay habitat while Shedd experts keep an eye on the pair to make sure everything is developing as it should. In the meantime, pop in some earbuds, pick out a soothing lullaby or rollicking jig as your soundtrack, and watch Katrl and her new son frolicking (and nursing) at the Shedd.