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Photos: Our Very NSFW Night With Chicago's World Naked Bike Ride

By Rachel Cromidas in Arts & Entertainment on Jun 12, 2016 2:59PM

World Naked Bike Ride—Chicago's annual excuse to bike naked through the city streets ostensibly in the name of environmentalism—was back Saturday night to titillate River North clubbers and tick off drivers.

Hundreds of cyclists swarmed to the semi-secret meeting place near the Fulton Market District Saturday evening to await sundown, undress and gear up in glitter and body paint. Our photographer Layne Dixon and editor (that's me) were there to scope out the festivities and bring you photos of the ass-naked riders in action. For those curious about what it was like to hang out with that many naked strangers, I can break my experience down like so: 40 percent waiting around for the ride to start, slowly sweating off all that glitter and body paint; 40 percent wandering around in a bikini looking for friends while narrowly avoiding an endless cavalcade of swinging genitalia; 10 percent booming EDM; 10 percent pungent B.O.

The first half of the ride, which resembles the monthly group ride Critical Mass in structure, took a leisurely route east into the Loop, up Michigan Avenue, and through the Viagra Triangle into Lincoln Park, before hitting Lakeview, Wicker Park, and more.

Not everyone was naked (I wasn't, but I was riding with a crew sporting light-up bunny ears, so we were easy to spot), but those who were drew a lot of attention—and not all of it positive, unfortunately. The annual ride, now in its 13th year in Chicago, preaches body-positivity and an end to the over-reliance on the automobile to get around ("Less gas, more ass" was a popular chant of the night). But the ride had its share of creepers, from the multiple cab drivers who sat in traffic with their mouths gaping open, camera phones dangling out of their taxi windows, to the dude who wouldn't stop asking my friend where she's from. And I have no words for the man who stood watching the ride from LaSalle Street, chanting "Yay, boobies!" as a very small child (presumably his daughter) sat quietly on his shoulders.

But the night had its bright spots among the throngs of gawking River North club bros and bumper-to-bumper traffic: a sign that boasted "More dicks than a Trump rally"; a naked pedicab driver rolling with two also naked passengers; a Santa Claus on a Razor scooter; the Lincoln Park bro whom I watched run up alongside a cyclist, high-five him, and shout, "Hey man, nice cock!"

Per World Naked Bike Ride's photography policy, participants are expected to ask permission before taking photos of one another, and we tried our best to comply. However, if you see a photo of yourself in our gallery and would like it removed, just email and we'll be happy to oblige.