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Chicago 'Hamilton' Tickets Are Being Offered Online For Up To $10K A Pop

By Mae Rice in Arts & Entertainment on Jun 22, 2016 3:31PM

A still from the New York musical, from David Korins Design

Reselling Hamilton tickets in Chicago right now might be more lucrative than working on Wall Street. Tickets to the smash hit Broadway musical's stint in Chicago went on sale Tuesday, causing cartoonishly long lines in the Loop, and they're currently reselling for as much as $10,000 each on StubHub, the Tribune reports.

We didn't spot a $10,000-er ourselves (which, terrifyingly, means that ticket sold to someone), but we did spot an opening night ticket on StubHub for more than $4,000:


Most tickets on StubHub and fellow legitimate reseller Vivid Seats are priced more reasonably, though—in the $500 to $2,000 range, roughly. (On Vivid Seats, prices are generally lower than on StubHub, too.) Still, resale tickets are enormously marked up when you consider the list price of Hamilton ticket, typically $65 to $180.

Reselling Hamilton tickets at such markups isn't illegal, the Tribune reports; reselling tickets, even tickets bought by bots, is perfectly legal in Illinois (provided you're properly licensed and the tickets aren't, you know, fake). Reselling tickets does violate Broadway in Chicago's—i.e., Hamilton's local landlord's—terms of use, Hamilton producer Jeffrey Seller told the Tribune. It's hard to tell at the door where tickets where purchased, though, so it's doubtful there will be any consequences for that violation.

If you want to see some super-illegal-looking tickets, though, look no further than Craigslist (but don't buy anything there, oh my god). There's a healthy crop of Hamilton tickets for sale on there, from sites like "BigStub" (offbrand StubHub), and "Mark's Tickets," whose icon is a SpongeBob knockoff:


If you want to see how dark the internet can get, read the full, SEO-optimized text of the Mark's Tickets post. Nothing says "trust us and do transactions with us!" like the phrase "Tickegts, Ticketgs":

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Good luck out there.