Two Foodie Havens Are Opening New Shops In Uptown

By Anthony Todd in Food on Jun 23, 2016 2:19PM

The exterior of Baker & Nosh's Current Location. Photo via Facebook.

It's been a big week for Uptown, as two delicious Chicago businesses announced new openings in the neighborhood.

The first, Baker and Nosh, is a longtime neighborhood favorite. A coffeeshop and bakery (with a short-lived and much-missed gourmet retail shop attached), Baker and Nosh is one of the most pleasant and delicious places to hang out on Wilson Avenue. And they're moving and expanding. They'll be occupying the former Starbucks location at Magnolia and Wilson which will increase their street visibility and their overall size. The new location will have about 50 seats. Plus, they're opening a second location in Edgewater. The move will come this fall.

The other new opening is Owen & Alchemy, the juice bar which currently has a single location in Logan Square. Owen & Alchemy won the Flatsproject grant offered by Cedar Street Developers as part of their redesign of the Lawrence House. That means they'll be opening an Uptown location in the Lawrence House project.

This grant is an incredible deal for a small business. The grant includes help with business plans and marketing, legal assistance and, most awesomely, free rent for an entire year. This is all part of Cedar Street's plans to bring more businesses to their developments in Uptown. The 750 square foot store will carry Owen & Alchemy's full lines of juices, nut milks, kombuchas and more. No exact ETA yet, but the location should debut sometime this summer.