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St. Louis Police Union Official Blames Obama For Dallas Attack

By Stephen Gossett in News on Jul 8, 2016 5:02PM

St. Louis County Police / Motorcycle Unit / Flickr User Elvert Barnes

As the nation mourned the apparent sniper ambush that killed five officers and wounded seven more in Dallas on Thursday night, some have sadly taken the occasion to blame the president instead of, you know, the perpetrators.

Well-known St. Louis, MO police union official Jeff Roorda posted on Facebook an image of two hands covered in blood with the words, "THIS BLOOD IS ON YOUR HANDS, MR. PRESIDENT." The official Twitter account of the St. Louis Police Officers Association Tweeted Roorda's post with their own indefensible script: "I do hope you're happy @BarackObama."

Both posts appear to have since been deleted. But Alderman Antonio French, of St. Louis' 21st Ward, shared a screenshot.

That wasn't the SLPOA's only recent trollish move, either. As the Riverfront Times notes, when St. Louis Alderwoman Cara Spencer called for the organization to take seriously a report by the black police officers union, they responded with a call for Spencer's and French's resignation.

Roorda gained national infamy for his frequently blowhard appearances on CNN following the Ferguson protests in 2014. Last year, he said protestors "want dead cops."

Activists in Chicago condemned the Dallas shootings. “We have never called for, or supported, the killing of police officers or violence,” Charlene Carruthers, of the Black Youth Project in Chicago, told the Tribune. “What we've demanded is a shift in the power that police hold over our lives and that does not require us to take up arms or kill police officers. What we demand does not require the death of police officers to happen."

Roorda and the SLPOA find themselves in ignominious company with former Illinois congressman and fellow windbag Joe Walsh. He tweeted on Thursday night, "10 Cops shot. You did this Obama. You did this liberals. You did this #BLM."