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Ex-Rep. Joe Walsh Calls For 'War' On Obama And Black Lives Matter

By aaroncynic in News on Jul 8, 2016 2:05PM

Former Illinois congressman and current right wing radio blowhard Joe Walsh made a thinly veiled threat to the President and activists Thursday night in the wake of horrific shootings that took place during a peaceful demonstration in Dallas, Texas.

Walsh, who represented Illinois’ 8th congressional district from January 2011 to January 2013, posted a torrent of Tweets blaming the Black Lives Matter movement, liberals and President Barack Obama for the shootings in Dallas, which killed at least five police officers and wounded 6 others and a civilian, despite not having a shred of evidence linking them together.

Perhaps the most egregious Tweet that came from the former congressman, who has on numerous occasions had plenty of racist and horrible things to say, was the one he has since deleted:


Walsh, who once called the president a “tyrant,” said he was “outraged about black on black crime” in the wake of the murder of Trayvon Martin, that Muslims were “trying to kill Americans every week,” and managed to mock and belittle a women’s rights advocate and Rep. Tammy Duckworth, a combat veteran who lost both her legs, within a span of days, eventually attempted to back-peddle, making a terrible non-apology.

“I wasn't calling for violence, against Obama or anyone,” he tweeted. “Obama's words & BLM's deeds have gotten cops killed. Time for us to defend our cops.”

Given Walsh is a guy who was once yanked from the air for attempting to defend using racist words on the radio, it's hard to even take that seriously.