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Rauner Compares People Hating Him To 'World War III'

By Mae Rice in News on Jul 8, 2016 7:37PM

For a while, we were unclear on whether Gov. Bruce Rauner had noticed that a giant swath of humanity loathes him.

In late June, he announced he was running for reelection, suggesting he felt he could win. Later, Springfield passed a stopgap budget—so he could sort of argue, if he wanted, that people only hated him back when there was no budget at all.

But no. Rauner has noticed that almost everyone hates him, and he thinks his personal struggle to be likable is akin to World War III. He told the Champaign, IL News-Gazette all about it:

Rauner claimed his political opponents "have so many voices. You've got agencies. You've got unions. You've got elected officials. You've got patronage folks inside my administration. And I'm fighting some of the legacy of the old Republican Party, who are bombing me. I've got the Democratic Party bombing me. I've got the media bombing me.

"I've got World War III on seven levels."

Yes, Rauner. It's almost like it's your job to get various disparate stakeholders to believe in you and compromise and work together? It's almost like your job... is hard... and you were low-key on strike for a year?

Also, in a week full of literal and horrific violence, it's important to note that the "bombing" Rauner has received has been purely metaphorical. The man has nary a stubbed toe.