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There Will Be A Stylist At Pitchfork To Put Your Sweaty Hair In Cute Braids

By Mae Rice in Arts & Entertainment on Jul 14, 2016 6:49PM

Photos of Tara Stokes' styling work via Facebook

Looking cute at Pitchfork is hard. You're dancing, sweating buckets straight from your scalp, and, if you're unlucky, getting rained on. Basically, there are a lot of reasons your hair might not be looking its best (see also: alcohol), and a lot of reasons you want it to look good (fashion photographers everywhere, your personal Instagram's needs).

Stylist Tara Stokes (photo courtesy of Tara Stokes)

Enter one of the lesser-known superheroes: Craigslist Stylist, a.k.a. Tara Stokes. She works at Wicker Park's Art+Science salon under the name Coco, she told Chicagoist, and she's trying to pick up some freelance cash—so for $20, she'll make your hair cute and Pinterest-y at Pitchfork, if you're feeling too chill-slash-hungover to do it yourself.

She'll be at the festival Saturday and Sunday, she said, and she'll have Bumble and Bumble products and all the basic tools with her—though no heat-styling products. (As she put it in her ad, "Products will be all we have in this journey.") For an extra fee, she'll spice up your look with some butterfly clips, glitter or hair chalk, too.

Though she'll obviously give you whatever style works for you, she told us she predicts braids will be a big trend this year. "Everyone loves to keep their hair off their neck. It's so hot!" Space buns—two buns on top of your head—will also be big, she predicts, since they were a big trend at this year's Coachella.

Stokes has been to Pitchfork for the past three or four years, but this will be her first time styling hair there. "Whenever I go to Pitchfork, I see all these girls who totally inspire me with what they're wearing or what's on their head," she said. So before this year's fest, she thought, "Why not do some hair while I'm there?"

So far, she's gotten about ten responses, but she's hoping people see her at work, or see her clients at the fest, and find their to her for some impromptu styling. She'll be easy to spot. "I have a big obnoxious tapestry I plan on sitting on... it's tie-dye with a huge sun on it."

So if you want to get your hair styled, look for that tapestry, or just coordinate with her by responding to her ad. The whole enterprise is "totally DIY," Stokes said.

You can check out Stokes' styling work on her Instagram and Facebook.