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This Terrifying Clown Is Apparently Prowling Around Green Bay, Wisconsin

By Stephen Gossett in News on Aug 3, 2016 6:08PM

On the off chance you weren’t already huddling in the fetal position, awaiting Bucktown's creeper/burglar/ghost, regressing to a pre-verbal state over everything from your property tax bill to the increasing prescience of Idiocracy, here’s a little something to help you along, courtesy of our friends one state to the north.

The patently horrifying so-called “Gags—The Green Bay Clown” has been photographed skulking underneath a Green Bay, WI overpass. The first known sighting came early Monday morning, according to a Facebook page dedicated to the nightmare-making figure. (Yes, he already has a Facebook page.)

We’re not sure what the impetus is here. Facebook users have speculated viral marketing, some kind of inside-job self-promotion (the page launched a half hour after the first photo was supposedly taken) and that he’s a character in a short horror movie that’s being filmed in the area. All of which sounds reasonable enough—although the best news, of course, would be that Green Bay just has a genuine oddball with a lot of time and a crooked sense of humor running around.

Either way, it’s more proof that Wisconsin might just be the most secretly strange place in the country. If you have any clues—or if you're the clown—let us know at And take a moment to revisit one of Chicago's own classic creepy-clown run-ins, from last year.

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