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Mysterious Light Filmed Over St. Louis Arch Has People Shouting 'UFO'

By Stephen Gossett in News on Aug 4, 2016 7:37PM

The Midwestern oddities just keep rolling in. On Wednesday we told you about a mysterious clown lurking around Green Bay, Wisconsin overpasses. And now today comes news of another enigma from a neighbor state: a series of “unexplained lights” hovering near the St. Louis Gateway Arch at around 2:20 am on Tuesday morning.

Security-camera footage from Malcolm W. Martin Memorial Park, in East St. Louis, Illinois, shows a light hovering near the top of the frame. It intermittently fades in and out, then appears to travel west. Then it lingers near the Arch for a stretch before fading out. Finally, it appears back on the left side of the frame. Then, end of video.

Amazing, right?

At least one other video exists. It was shared with St. Louis local new channel Fox 2 by Chase Rhodes, an “independent cleaning consultant,” who shot footage while on break, outside the Casino Queen riverboat between 2:30 and 3 a.m.

According to Fox 2, both the National Park Service and nearby Scott Air Force Base had no reports of strange airborne activity.

The most likely explanation is a drone, though Facebook users are arguing for everything from Chinese Sky Lanterns to something called “ball lightning”—and, of course, UFOs. (I want to believe.)

Watch the video below and don't trip yourself on the way to the comments section to make fun of St. Louis. It's really a lovely place.