Double Door Can Stay Put Until At Least The End Of The Year

By Tankboy in Arts & Entertainment on Aug 15, 2016 8:19PM

Double Door photo via their Instagram account

In a closed-door hearing a judge has ruled Double Door can stay in its current space through the end of the year, the Tribune reports.

This comes after an extended legal back and forth triggered by landlord Brian Strauss efforts to evict the legendary music venue since last fall. At the heart of the disagreement is Strauss' claim club management didn't properly renew their lease. In July a judge ruled the club would have to vacate the and today's hearing was focused on nailing down that final date.

Double Door has been trying to renegotiate a lease with Strauss, but a primary sticking point lies in money; Strauss wants to greatly increase the financial terms of their agreement and Double Door views that as unfair, especially after investing $83,000 in improvements over the last few years.

Club owners have also vowed to continue to work towards an agreement eventually, and still do not want to vacate the space.