Video: Beyonce Sneaks Up Behind Chance The Rapper At The VMAs

By Rachel Cromidas in Arts & Entertainment on Aug 29, 2016 7:10PM

Chance the Rapper's star is definitely rising, so it should be no surprise that Beyoncé is also a fan of the Chicago-born rapper. And in case we mistakenly thought Chance couldn't possibly endear himself to us more, his reaction to meeting her at Sunday night's Video Music Awards showed us yet another, adorable side to him.

Watch as Beyoncé sneaks up behind Chance during his backstage interview with MTV and casually places her head on his shoulder. At first Chance barely reacts—then, as she walks away, Chance looks in her direction and reality dawns on him.

"Oh my God that was Beyoncé!" Chance interrupts his interview to exclaim. He then proceeds to do the happiest of happy dances for the camera and shouts, "This is my life!"