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High-Tech Golden 'Portals' In Daley Plaza Will Let You Talk To Mexico, Myanmar & Afghanistan

By Stephen Gossett in Arts & Entertainment on Sep 20, 2016 2:39PM

If you’re in Daley Plaza and you happen to see someone step out of a giant, gold-colored cargo container at some point in late October with a goofy grin on his or her face, don’t be too flummoxed—it’s just one of those old-fashioned global-communication portals.

Basically Skype on performance-enhancing drugs, the so-called portal—which sets up shop as part of Chicago Ideas Week—allows visitors to beam immersive, full-body-length, big-screen audio-video transmissions from the Chicago “room” to others all over the world in real time. Other participating locations include Mexico, Palestine, Afghanistan, Rwanda and Myanmar (as well as far-off Milwaukee). There’s a handful of scheduled, collaborative interactions (i.e. Chicago musician performing a blues concert for Kigali-portal spectators). But you can also RSVP for some global alone-time chat. Actually, that sounds kinda dirty. This is Ideas Week, not Dirty Ideas Week, so be cool.

The portal will be in Daley Plaza from Oct. 17 to 23. Check out more info here (including how to RSVP) and watch the trailer above to see what to expect.