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'Easy' Guide To Chicago: Charting All The Local Treasures In The Series

By Chicagoist_Guest in Arts & Entertainment on Sep 28, 2016 6:25PM

City Lit Books / 'Easy'

By Madeline Hester

Joe Swanberg’s new Netflix series, Easy, showcases an array of Chicago’s local treasures, once again establishing what Chicagoans do best: have complicated relationships! Just kidding, the answer is (and always will be) eating and drinking. And while the show is much more than local novelty, it’s still fun to see our favorite haunts onscreen and discover new ones along the way. Wondering where to instigate your next threesome, bond with your brother or simply buy a couch? Don’t fret, this show has got your back. Here’s a helpful guide (plus a few shout outs) to the best of Chicago, according to Easy. (Spoilers ahead, kind of.)

A couple listens to a study about sex in marriage and then they think about it too much.

Fancy Costumes / 'Easy'

Where to buy gender normative Halloween costumes for your children and also sexy role-playing costumes to spice up your marriage:
Fantasy Costumes Hdq.
4065 N Milwaukee Avenue
(773) 272-9218

Where to focus on something really kind of marvelous which is—your play!:
Café Selmarie
4729 N Lincoln Avenue


A vegan shows her girlfriend a few PETA videos, causing the girlfriend to give up animal products. But things go awry when she faces her biggest temptation of all: babysitting.

Where to lock eyes with your soulmate (when you’re not texting):
2011 W North Avenue

Shout Out! to local band playing at Subterranean: Campdogzz

Handlebar / 'Easy'

Best place to brunch and tell your date about murdering frogs with your uncles as a kid:
2311 W North Avenue

When you want to buy a shiny new bike but not too shiny or new:
Oscar Wastyn Cycles
2634 W Fullerton Avenue

Spinning J / 'Easy'

Where to eat gelato when it’s 40 degrees out:
Spinning J
1000 N California Avenue

It’s $5 (that’s what she thinks!) but you can give whatever you want:
Chicago Filmmakers
5243 N Clark Street

The pepperoni that’s too tempting for any vegan/anyone that’s trying to be someone she’s not:
Piece Brewery and Pizzeria
1927 W North Avenue


Two brothers make their mom really proud by opening an illegal brewery in a garage.

Where to tell your little brother he’s going to be a cool uncle to your baby boy:
Dark Matter Coffee
738 N Western Avenue

Shout Out! to the local artist who does the brewery logo/Jeff’s garage: Don’t Fret

Where to grab a drink with your little brother when your pregnant wife is making you sleep on the couch:
Revolution Brewpub
2323 N Milwaukee Avenue

Half Acre Brewery / 'Easy'

Where to go when you’re pregnant and want to watch a woman drink one beer in front of you:
Half Acre Brewery
4257 N Lincoln Avenue


Reminiscent of Jean-Luc Godard’s A Woman is a Woman but in Spanish and in Pilsen.

Thalia Hall / 'Easy'

Where to Salud, order cheese plates, catch up with old friends, wonder what if, surprise yourself with unexpected jealousy, tell your wife how much not to drink, disagree with your husband, do shots, go dancing, do more shots, do them all!:
Thalia Hall and Punch House
1807 S Allport Street and 1227 W 18th Street

Shout Out? to Northbrook-based chain Crate & Barrel for their Reston Queen Sleeper Sofa ($2,499)


An aging graphic novelist and younger grad student sleep together and then race to see who can turn his or her experience into art first. Selfie stick for the win.

Shout Out! to local radio host of The 21st: Niala Boohoo

Shout Out! to local cartoonist who does Jacob’s drawings: Jeffrey Brown

Where they make good pizza and they have a really good salad (but he doesn’t remember what’s it called):
804 Davis Street
Evanston, IL

Atomix / 'Easy'

Where to drink so much coffee you might as well live there:
Atomix Cafe
1957 W Chicago Avenue

When nobody shows up to your lecture so you decide to get some grad kids drunks and still get paid, check out:

Lemming’s on Damen
1850 N Damen Avenue

3 people? 30 people? 300 people? It doesn’t matter!
City Lit Books
2523 N Kedzie Blvd

Where to go after your book discussion turns into one of the best discussions you’ve ever had (pertains to grad school students only):
Catalpa Kitchen (CLOSED)
2800 W Logan Blvd.


A married couple have a threesome with Post-Baby Spice but their crying kid keeps interrupting the fun.

Wiggleworms at Old Town School of Folk Music / 'Easy'

When you’re a baby and you just want to sing, enroll in:
Wiggleworms at Old Town School of Folk Music
4544 North Lincoln Avenue

Where to seek inspiration when redesigning an old theater:
Davis Theater
4614 N Lincoln Avenue

Where to make your married friend jealous of your fabulous and single life:
Baker Miller
4610 N Western Avenue

When you want to talk in only emojis, this place is delightful and safe:
Mash Kitchen
4535 N Lincoln Avenue

When you’re lucky enough to get a table here, it’s only respectful to have a threesome after:
Lost Lake
3154 W Diversey Avenue


A newly-single actress must choose between her love of swimming in a pool or moving to L.A. to play a soccer coach.

Is Dillinger dead? Yes! In fact, he died here:
Victory Gardens Biograph Theater
2433 N Lincoln Avenue

Where to drink when you don’t want to be inside a theater anymore but don’t want to wander far:
Lincoln Station
2432 N Lincoln Avenue

Where little girls name Madeline may or may not bother you while you're trying to read and drink coffee alone:
The Book Cellar
4736 N Lincoln Avenue

When you need a humbling reminder you are just an insignificant speck on a molehill in the realm of the entire galaxy:

Alder Planetarium
1300 S Lake Shore Drive


Mama’s favorite sons conflict about the growth of their brewery when a New City reporter reaches out to write a story.

Shout Out! to local Chicago basketball legend: Arthur Agee

Sarno's Restaurant / 'Easy'

Where to interview Arthur Agee:
Sarno’s Restaurant
5615 W. Roosevelt Road
Cicero, IL

Where to spend $4,000 on baby supplies:
Galt Baby
900 North Michigan Shops

Mama’s favorite sons’ favorite spot to hash their problems:
Revolution Brewery
3340 N Kedzie Avenue

So there you have it. Now go outside and see how many Chicago local treasures you can cross off the list. Or put on sweatpants and live vicariously through the show and its characters. It’ll probably be a good time either way. Easy is available to stream now on Netflix.