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Man In Gorilla Suit, 'All Lives Matter' Shirt Ran Onto Field During Bears Game & We All Lost

By Stephen Gossett in News on Oct 3, 2016 3:22PM

Football fans on Sunday afternoon witnessed a bizarre and confounding spectacle at Soldier Field—well, two if you count the fact that the Bears won. Somehow even stranger, a guy ran out onto the field dressed in a gorilla costume with “All Lives Matter” printed on the front of his shirt and “Put the Guns Down” on the back.

Tennessee man Angelo Graham, 31, was (relatively) swiftly tackled and arrested for the stunt.

It seemed to be of a piece with the year’s most flogged daily-life-as-non-sequitur meme, but we were hardly the only ones to find something, um, charged about the costume. From Vice Sports:
"While it's hard to pinpoint the exact meaning of the shirt…and the gorilla getup—could be Harambe, could be Dada-ist bullshit—there's something not-so-subtly uncouth (and dare I say racist?) about the whole scenario. I've witnessed too much racism at soccer matches to let this one slip as innocuous."

Apparently, the dude even made the TV broadcast for a short blip.

A talking-head segment of video-forensics amateurs delighted in pointing out that the field trespasser is black, as if feeling a reasonable sense of unease about a gorilla costume emblazoned with “All Lives Matter” were the zenith of liberal paranoia.

So there you go. What may have been partially intended as some form of genuine protest was self-sabotaged with so much Harambe bullshit; and right-wingers were able to gleefully dismiss legitimate concerns about racist displays at sporting events in the process. And Graham finds himself facing a felony: one count of criminal trespass to a place of amusement. Like we said, even with a Bears win, everybody kinda lost this one.

Angelo Graham / CPD