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Here's A Better Way To Get Your Weed: Meet

By Sponsor in Arts & Entertainment on Oct 6, 2016 5:00AM

LeafedIn.Org: Free Weed App For Chicago Marijuana Networking

The marijuana community across the state of Illinois celebrated when they scored two landmark legal victories, the passing of Senate Bill 10 that extended the states Medical Marijuana program through 2020 and the signing of SB 2228 that immediately decriminalized possession of 10 grams or less of marijuana. Shortly after, many veterans of the national political and social cannabis landscape once again found themselves worrying whether Illinois would be yet another state to find itself without the necessary framework and infrastructure to effectively grant its citizenry the full benefit of this legislation. This is a conundrum that has been faced time and time again by states that have enacted progressive marijuana legislation, and it will continue to be a fundamental issue for states following the national trend of legalization and de-criminalization of cannabis. The challenge in the status quo has now gone from passing law, to creating the infrastructure, tools, and frameworks when new legislation is passed.

In comes a popular and well respected technology startup in the marijuana field that has proven to be the answer to this issue of framework and execution. is a free anonymous cannabis networking app that is unrivaled in its effectiveness, technology, and the trust within marijuana community and cannabis industries. It allows every type of individual, business, and entity, to meet its marijuana product and employment needs, in the most effective manner possible. It works on any device in addition to an iOS app.

The majority of its daily users have met their cannabis needs, and the users in Illinois and Chicago are no different. Users can find the best medical marijuana strains like Candyland strain or Cherry Pie strain from a closer vendor that charges less, and they can locate marijuana employees like bud tenders, trimmers, extractors. You can also find those impossible to locate vape pens that have been proven to help the veteran community with PTSD.

Check out the positive impact that has had in the Washington DC area. The company continues to affect change nationwide, for all participants in the cannabis culture and industry, understanding that it is a fundamental tool that can provide anonymous and free value for the entire marijuana world. Furthermore, like here in Chicago and in the state of Illinois, it is an essential part of ensuring the powerful legislation signed by Governor Rauner is implemented as effectively as possible.

As a final note, as firm supporters of America's veterans and active duty soldiers, believes that the positive focus on veterans that Governor Rauner has worked diligently to include in this year’s legislation is an effort to be applauded. Please take just a small piece of time for veterans by visiting, a veteran’s charity and support non-profit organization that fully supports in their mission to bring better care for veterans.
can be accessed on any device, mobile or desktop at or by downloading the app on the iOS store.

To register now for, click here. And to learn more about this revolutionary weed app, visit the website here. Click here to sign up for’s exclusive newsletter and visit Leafedin’s store to get a 5 dollar discount using “OGDiscount.” You can also connect on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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