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Wisconsin Couple Neglected Their Child To Join 'Creepy Clown' Bulls**t

By Stephen Gossett in News on Oct 11, 2016 4:52PM

Facebook / City of Menasha Police Department

Readers may recall that our Wisconsin neighbors were early progenitors of the Creepy Clown Outbreak of 2016, trailblazing the path of oversaturation back in early August—when Ken Bone was just another dapper power-plant man—thanks to overpass lurker/marketing stunt “Gags—The Green Bay Clown.” Now comes news that a couple from the state appears to have taken the already bad idea much too far. A man and woman were arrested on Friday for child neglect after leaving their four-year-old child unattended while they and a friend—you guessed it—joined in the clown horror show.

Officers in Menasha, WI responded to a call that people wearing clown masks were chasing cars, according to local police. Officers found two men, plus a 26-year-old woman, reportedly the pair’s driver, in a nearby car. Police say one of the men, 29, and the driver had left their child at home alone “for a minimum of a few hours,” according to police.

The child was taken by the Department of Human Services; and the parents now face child-neglect charges.

This wasn’t the first time the clown wave has spilled over into something uglier. Perhaps most famously, someone wearing a clown mask wielded a knife and chased a teen out of a New York City train station. Chicagoland area threats seem to have been mostly false, although not without repercussions: a suburban school was temporarily placed on lockdown last week, others felt compelled to beef up security and a UIC student was detained by university police who mistook his Salvador Dali-inspired performance-art piece for a clown risk.

But with this latest news, Wisconsin seems to lobbying for the ne plus ultra of clown insanity. It may have just joined cheese, beer and serial killers as official state hallmarks.

The entire state released a statement in which citizens collectively quoted atomic-bomb father J. Robert Oppenheimer's citing Hindu scripture: "Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds."

[HT: Fox 6]