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Not Even Chance The Rapper & The Hood Internet Can Make 'Go Cubs Go' A Good Song

By Tankboy in Arts & Entertainment on Oct 26, 2016 2:29PM

Chance the Rapper performing at Magnificent Coloring Day / Photo: Tyler LaRiviere

We have long been of the opinion that Cubs fans deserve better than the cringeworthy Steve Goodman-penned victory rally "Go, Cubs, Go." Admit it, the song is awful.* But we understand that people have a sentimental attachment to it, and we concede that nothing better has really come along to take it's place.

Until, possibly, now? We mean, Chance The Rapper makes everything better, right?

Local duo The Hood Internet has taken Chance The Rapper's "No Problem" and merged it with the Cubs' official anthem in an effort to make it aurally palatable. And the result is, well, a questionable 1:33. Goodman's vocal hook is so unlistenable, our final verdict is that even Chance's sublime musical bed can't save the song.

Of course, we probably should have predicted this would never work. Chance is a lifelong White Sox fan—though, as his Twitter stream would indicate, he is rooting for the Cubs to emerge as World Series victors.

*We mean, come on. We are happy every time the Cubs are victorious, but we can't run quickly enough from this song when it starts blaring over Wrigley's sound system. That said, go Cubs, GO!

[h/t RedEye]