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You Voted On The Best Pizza In Chicago, & The Winner Is...

By Anthony Todd in Food on Nov 1, 2016 5:07PM

Pizza at My Pi. Photo via Facebook.

It's been a long journey, folks. We started with 32 of Chicago's best pizza joints. The list included huge chains (Giordano's, Uno's) and tiny neighborhood places. Thanks to more than 100,000 votes cast over all the rounds, we narrowed it down from 32 to 16 to 8 to 4 to 2. The final round pitted My Pi against Apart Pizza Company, the crowd favorites.

Before we reveal the winner, a word about methodology. There really was none, folks, this was all for fun. We tried to pick a wide range of contestants from all over the city, and did a basic single-elimination tournament. Fun? Yes. Statistically significant? Not in the least. Especially in the internet age, the winners of these polls often come down to who has more followers on social media. That's why we encourage you to print out the complete list of our competitors and try out all the ones you haven't been to. We know that we'll be headed to a few, just based on the passion of their supporters - Rosangela's, for one, has definitely earned a visit.

Enough chatter, on to the winner. The winner of Chicagoist's 2016 best pizza bracket is: My Pi, which defeated Apart Pizza Company 53 percent to 47 percent with about 18,000 votes cast.

There have been My Pi locations in Chicago since the early '70s, but the current location is at 2010 North Damen Street. At one point, the concept was franchised all over the nation, but right now, the only My Pi is here in Chicago.

We tip our hats to you, My Pi, and we'll definitely be in soon to grab a slice.