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Use These Awesome Calling Card Reminders To Give Your Reps An Earful

By Stephen Gossett in News on Nov 23, 2016 3:45PM

Courtesy of the artist

There’s a lot going on, as Chicago’s hip-hop social conscience Vic Mensa succinctly put it earlier this year. In fact, there’s so much in the current upside-down, flirting-with-totalitarianism political present that requires vigilant confronting that you probably could use a handy reminder or two of how exactly to stay mobilized—which is where a Chicago artist’s is stepping in with a clever reminder method.

Lucy Knisley, an award-winning illustrator and comic-book artist based in Chicago, made available on her website earlier this week her set of Calling Cards. Essentially a series of printable visual reminders of who to contact and how to make your political voice heard, the cards come with customizable templates and a few worthy pre-set suggestions. For example, Knisley already went through the trouble of banging out a handy script for how to address the Steve Bannon appointment when you call to take your silent representative to task, or what to tell the White House when you urge President Barack Obama to take action against the terrible attacks being committed against protesters at Standing Rock.

The cards, printable from Knisley's website, fit on a quarter of 8.5/11-inch paper, the perfect size for bulletin board material. As the artist points out, more scripts for a variety of important causes are available here.

Courtesy of the artist.

Courtesy of the artist.