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Next Announces Its 2017 Menus... With A 'World's Best' Boon

By Stephen Gossett in Food on Nov 29, 2016 10:41PM

A dish from Next: The French Laundry / Photo: Briseis Guthrie

It’s always a treat to see what renowned chef Grant Achatz and his Next co. are cooking up for the future, and we got just an appetizing peek on Tuesday. The restaurant—generally regarded among the best in the world, NBD—unveiled their three themes for 2017: Ancient Rome, the film-inspired Hollywood and, no doubt the jewel of year, World’s 50 Best, which welcomes select chefs from kitchens who have landed on that buzzy, contentious list.

The first theme take it back—way, way back—drawing inspiration from antiquity.

Next: Ancient Rome (Jan. 25 to April 30):

Apicius or On the Subject of Cooking is a cookbook compiled in the 4th or 5th century AD in Rome based on recipes from the 1st century. Organized into ten books with amazing titles like "The Gardener," "The Gourmet," "Pulse" and "The Quadruped" our team at Next will take inspiration from this ancient text, focusing on a forgotten historical cuisine with our modern lens. Decadent, delicious, and surprising, amphoras of wine will be plentiful and togas merely optional.”

Second, the kitchen looks to the big screen taking cues from film classics, including Star Wars and Goodfellas. (We imagine it’ll be more “spaghetti with marinara sauce,” less “egg noodles and ketchup” for the latter).

Next: Hollywood (May 10 to Aug. 13):

"1950s glamour, 1980s back to the future, 2010s techno thrillers—Next takes inspiration from great Hollywood movies to take you on a journey off the silver screen and onto your table. From Goodfellas to Big Night and Star Wars to Star Trek, our Hollywood menu will keep you guessing about the next scene. Drama, comedy, sci-fi are all coming to Next in this genre bending blockbuster."

Then, it’s the eye-widening coup de grĂ¢ce. The following awarded chefs from iterations of The World’s 50 Best Restaurant List will collaborate in house to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the “influential, coveted and controversial” roundup.

Next: World's 50 Best (Aug. 23 to Dec. 31):
Andoni Aduriz / Mugaritz / Spain
Ben Shewry / Attica / Australia
Virgilio Martinez-Feliz / Central / Peru
Albert Adria / Tickets / Spain
Gaggan Anand / Gaggan / Thailand
Dan Barber / Blue Hill / USA
Andre Chiang / Andre / Singapore
Brett Graham / The Ledbury / UK
Daniel Humm / Eleven Madison Park / USA
Tim Raue / Restaurant Tim Raue / Germany
Massimo Bottura / Osteria Francescana / Italy
Jorge Vallejo / Quintonil / Mexico
Yoshi Takazawa / Takazawa / Japan
Jonnie Boer / De Librije / Netherlands
Issac McHale / Clove Club / UK
Luke Dale-Roberts / Test Kitchen / South Africa
Ignacio Mattos / Estela / USA
Mitsuhara Tsumura / Maido / Peru

Pricing for the first two themes ranges from $115 to $145, depending on day of week and time; World's Best ranges between $245 and $285. Season tickets will be on sale though Next's Tock ticketing system starting Wednesday, Dec. 7 at 10 a.m.

Next: 2017 Season Tickets from Next Restaurant on Vimeo.