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DryHop Is Launching New Milkstachio Brew Collab With Hop Butcher Today

By Ben Kramer in Food on Dec 7, 2016 4:22PM

Image provided by Jeremiah Zimmer.

Beer here! Where? DryHop Brewers, 3155 N. Broadway St. When? Today, Dec. 7, 6 p.m. Why? The Milkstachio release party.

Milkstachio, for those who don’t know, is the 4th annual collaboration between Hop Butcher For the World and DryHop Brewers, which has resulted in an awesome pistachio milk stout. Recently ranked a Top 25 Beer of 2016 by Draft Magazine, Hop Butcher co-founder, and brewer, Jeremiah Zimmer describes the collab as, “a delicious chocolate milk stout with a huge pistachio nose.”

Brewed with pistachio, lactose, and cacao nibs, the lactose adds body, along with a light creamy sweetness, while the nibs add a silky milk chocolate flavor. The pistachio is prevalent more so in the aroma than taste, and at 6 percent ABV, the beer won’t knock you off your butt.

For those curious about the origin story, it takes place a few years back, in the Half Acre taproom. Hop Butcher was then known as South Loop Brewing, and was still seeking a license. Jeremiah Zimmer met with DryHop Head Brewer, Brant Dubovick, for an afternoon of brain picking and, after a few pints, the two agreed to collaborate in the future. Zimmer suggested trying a pistachio milk stout, with a recipe already sketched in his notebook. Dubovick, having never worked with pistachio before, liked the concept.

Originally, the beer was brewed entirely at DryHop but now most of it’s done at Hop Butcher’s facility within Aquanaut Brewing. While the beer will be on tap at DryHop for a limited amount of time, 4-pack, 16 oz cans and kegs of Milkstachio will be sent to Hop Butcher accounts starting Dec. 8.