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Photos: Insane $50M Lincoln Park Mansion Shatters Listing Price Record

By Stephen Gossett in News on Dec 8, 2016 8:53PM

Whether luxury real estate fills you with a sense of vicarious splendor, aspirational wonder or good-old-fashioned class warfare, get ready to feel those feeling the most. A sprawling Burling Street mansion in Lincoln Park is asking for a record-breaking $50 million. That’s right: a 5, a 0... and then six more 0s.

According to the Tribune, that asking price shatters the record for a Chicago-area home sale. The highest area sale stands at a paltry $19.5 million, which is what Groupon co-founder Eric Lefkosky netted for his Glencoe mansion in 2014. And the highest previous listing, according to Curbed, was a listed $32 million Trump Tower penthouse, which went for $17 million.

The Lincoln Park mansion, listed on Thursday, spans seven bedrooms and 25,000 square feet. It was built by current owner Richard Parrillo, chairman of United Automobile Insurance Co., and his wife, Michaela, across seven city lots; and it’s full of endlessly ornate detail, inside and out.

We just checked under our couch cushions, and it looks like we’re still several tens of millions short. So if you’d like to make a bid, be our guest. Although, according to the Trib, an assessor valued the mansion far below the asking price, at under $14 million. So watch out for us when the drop comes!