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Photos: Behold Wrigleyville's Nightmare Before Christmas, AKA TBOX

By Rachel Cromidas in Arts & Entertainment on Dec 12, 2016 5:30PM

The 12 Bars Of Christmas bar crawl, known to us as Wrigleyville's Nightmare before Christmas, known to others as possibly a really fun time, blew through the North Side Saturday, leaving a trail of crushed cereal and assorted mayhem in its wake.

Our photographer Tyler LaRiviere captured some of the shenanigans on camera for us Saturday morning, where bar crawl participants gathered at the totally appropriate hour of 8 a.m. for a day of drinking and trudging through the snow in Santa and elf costumes. He also asked some tough questions:

I really don't get it. First, I don't understand the concept of bar hopping, if the idea is to just drink the same shitty beer, then why go out in the cold and hope Bar X isn't at capacity, to drink the same beer again, usually in the same social clique as you were previously?

Secondly what is with the cereal? Is this to soak up the alcohol? I thought they were suppose to donate it not dump it upon one another. Also, why is the way they induct people into this cult seemingly erotic in nature? I mean, they refer to you as a virgin, sit you on you knees, make you open your mouth ... and dump cereal all over your face.

And the stickers...Why are the stickers so important? People kept putting stickers on me and I just gave up on taking them off.

Can someone please explain TBOX to us, the uninitiated?

The crime blog Crime in Wrigleyville/Boystown estimates that four people were arrested in connection with TBOX this year, which is down from six last year and is possibly a sign that things have mellowed out a bit for the notorious bar crawl. Chicago police could not immediately verify those numbers.

Check out the photos, above, and take a peak at our Tweets from the event: