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Let These Videos Take You Inside Trump's Horror Show 'Thank You' Tour

By aaroncynic in News on Dec 14, 2016 3:25PM

President elect Donald Trump made the latest stop in his victory “thank you” tour Tuesday evening in suburban Milwaukee where he reminisced on election night and compared Speaker of the House Paul Ryan to a “fine wine.”

"I've come to appreciate him," Trump said of Ryan, who waffled on his support for the exceedingly wealthy real estate mogul-turned-celebrity reality television host-turned-President. "He's like a fine wine. Every day I appreciate his genius more and more. If he ever goes against me I’m not going to say that.” It was the first time the pair have appeared in public together since Trump took the presidency.

Ryan, who was booed more than once by the crowd, was one of several hype-men who warmed up the crowd for Trump for more than 30 minutes before the President-elect took the stage. Among the others were Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke, Vice President Elect Mike Pence, Wisconsin House Rep. Mike Duffy, and Governor Scott Walker, who earlier made frosted pecans for the holidays, because all of this is fine:

“He’s a great governor,” Trump said of Walker. “He’s a great person and a great governor. I went against him and he was tough. So now it’s going to be your turn very soon—you and Pence have got to fight it out, I don’t know.”

“Do you have your pitchforks and torches ready?” Clarke asked the crowd, after calling the recent CIA allegations regarding Russian hackers potentially tampering with the 2016 election a conspiracy and “new level of stupid from the American left.” He said that Congress should instead investigate a different conspiracy theory: whether billionaire George Soros funded protesters at Trump rallies.

Flanked by several Christmas trees, Trump hit a familiar set of tropes about ‘political correctness’ before going on a long ramble, recounting the events that played out on election night. When recalling his nomination as Time Magazine’s “Person of the Year,” he polled the audience to see if attendees preferred the use of ‘man,’ or ‘person,’ despite the magazine making the switch in 1999 and four women previously taking the title. Prior to bringing up his choice for Secretary of Defense, retired Marine Corps General James ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis, he hinted at revisiting laws surrounding flag burning.

“We don't like seeing people burning our American flag. We don’t like it. We’re gonna take a look at that. We’ll all take a look at that together,” said Trump.

In addition to singling out Mattis, Trump also mentioned several other members of his cabinet, saying that it would be one of the “greatest cabinets.”

“We’re in the process of putting together one of the great cabinets, certainly one of the highest IQ cabinets that anybody has ever — I mean, these are seriously great people.”

Despite Trump’s campaign promise to “drain the swamp,” among those he mentioned included the President of Goldman Sachs, Gary Cohn, who he’s picked as his top economic adviser and Rex Tillerson, CEO of Exxon Mobile, his pick for Secretary of State.

“Rex is one of the greatest and most skilled global business leaders of our time,” said Trump. “A strong man, a tough man. A man who has already earned an avalanche of endorsements and growing praise from our nation’s top leaders.”

Shortly after praising the oil tycoon, Trump said he would work to eliminate restrictions and regulations on energy. “We are going to eliminate all wasteful job killing regulations,” he said. “On energy, we will cancel the restrictions on the destruction of American energy, including shale, natural gas, and clean beautiful coal.”

You can also listen to the crowd chant "CNN sucks" while Trump regales them with tales of election night, below: