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Billy Corgan To Prep 3 Solo Releases During 'Thirty Days' Road Project

By Stephen Gossett in Arts & Entertainment on Jan 10, 2017 10:53PM

Billy Corgan / Getty Images / Photo: Noam Galai

While a certain other alt-/grunge-era Chicagoland native had a much bolder headline on Tuesday, Billy Corgan wasn’t without ambitious news of his own.

The Smashing Pumpkins frontman took a break from chastising fairweather Chicago sports fans (lookin’ at you again, Vedder) and doling out massive property tax payments to announce on via Facebook a new internet-broadcast road-trip journey called Thirty Days, which also includes three new musical projects.

Not a conventional tour per se, the Thirty Days will see Corgan hit different states with “no destination” over the course of one month, sharing videos of interviews and select music performances, he said.

The first leg of the project will be a collection of Corgan’s personal favorite 50 songs, called 50x50, as he approaches his 50th birthday. He’ll solicit fans throughout the process as he hopscotches the states, so get your own faves ready for submission. Secondly, he’ll also prep a covers record (“10 to 12 songs”); and finally, he’ll peel back the curtain as he develops a new record of originals. As Pitchfork notes, Corgan has been in the studio with Rick Rubin working on new solo material.

"Like last year, I'm sort of remiss to play new music too soon," Corgan said in the video. "So I won't necessarily be sharing that music, but I'd like to at least talk about some of the process involved, and maybe there's opportunity to talk about the new album as that's coming."

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