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The 8 Best Candy Shops In Chicago

By Anthony Todd in Food on Feb 21, 2017 5:18PM

A sea of gummies, via Shutterstock

Valentine's Day might be over, but that's no reason to stop eating sweets. Whether you're a lover of chocolate, gummies, sours or vintage treats, somewhere in Chicago is the perfect candy shop for you. Here are our eight favorite candy shops. Did we miss one of your favorites? Please comment to let us know.

The OMG Bar (our favorite chocolate bar in Chicago) at Amy's Candy Bar. Photo via Facebook.

Amy's Candy Bar

Let's start off with a bang: Amy's is probably our favorite candy shop in the entire city. It's not the biggest and it doesn't have the most insane variety of sugary treats, but its selection is perfectly curated. From vintage candies to chocolates, sours to gummies, you can get a snack for every type of candy lover. The interior is adorable, it's right next to an El stop, and they have root beer floats. Plus, their homemade treats (including the expensive but amazing OMG Bar, stuffed with hazelnut, chocolate and sea salt caramel) will keep you coming back again and again.

Amy's Candy Bar is at 4704 N. Damen Ave.

Katherine Anne Confections

But wait, you might say, isn't Katherine Anne Confections a chocolate shop, not a candy store? First, I'm not entirely sure where that line is, since everywhere on this list sells chocolate. More importantly, Katherine Anne Confections doesn't just sell fancy truffles! They've also got a full line of marshmallows and an incredible selection of caramels, which we secretly like more than the chocolates—not because the chocolates aren't great, but because the caramels are freaking amazing.

Katherine Anne Confections is at 2745 W. Armitage Ave.

Margie's Candies

Sure, the interior decor is a tiny bit creepy and a tiny bit dusty. Sure, the dishes look like they have been around since 1968. And sure, most people are there for ice cream and not for candies. But Margie's Candies (as the name implies) stocks a huge variety of homemade candies and chocolates, and while their flavors aren't as fancy or complex as some modern chocolates, sometime you just want a big hunk of milk chocolate to scarf down. Margie's to the rescue.

Margie's is at 1960 N. Western Ave. and 1813 W. Montrose Ave.

The interior of Candyality's Wicker Park Store. Photo via Facebook.


Candyality is probably the most prolific of Chicago's fancy candy stores, with four locations scattered throughout the city. We first encountered Candyality at the Southport location, but these days they are probably better known for their Water Tower shop. No matter where you stop, there will be a huge selection of vintage-style candies, which is what we go to Candyality to seek out. Plus, they do a super cute gimmick where they determine your "Candy Personality" (or your candy horoscope, depending on the location and the day) by figuring out the sort of treats you like to eat. Totally silly and totally adorable.

Candyality has four locations throughout Chicago—check their website for details.

Aji Ichiban

This Chinatown spot is tucked into the bottom floor of the strip mall off of Archer Avenue, and it's easy to miss if you're not looking for it. But if you're addicted to any Chinese candy and can't find it elsewhere (or if you're looking for a unique treat for a gift, a candy dish or a party) this is the place to go. The variety is insane, though you might have to ask for help reading some of the labels.

Aji Ichiban is at 2117 S. China Pl.

The exterior of Dylan's Candy Bar. Photo via Facebook.

Dylan's Candy Bar

Some Chicagoans might turn up their noses at this New York transplant on Michigan Avenue, but don't knock it till you've tried it. It's filled with giggling tourists, but it's also got the best, largest, most comprehensive candy selection we've ever seen. If you've ever even heard of a sweet, it's probably here, and they've also got an impressive selection of house-branded chocolate bars in every color and flavor imaginable. Tack on their cocktail bar and a candy lover could literally spend an entire afternoon in this mini-candy-theme-park.

Dylan's Candy Bar is at 445 N. Michigan Ave.

Blommer Factory

Blommer is best known for being the source of the delicious chocolate smell that envelops all of downtown during production days, but many people don't realize you can actually get a taste of that chocolately goodness. There's a small factory store behind a fairly unassuming door on Kinzie, and their selections (which include a wide variety of truffles, candies, and chocolate-dipped goodies) are surprisingly affordable.

Blommer is at 600 W. Kinzie St.


If you've ever bought a piƱata in Chicagoland, there's a strong chance it came from Dulcelandia. They claim to be the largest retailer of Mexican candy in the Midwest, and if you walk into any of their four Chicago-area locations, you won't doubt them for a second. There is literally zero chance you will be able to walk out of Dulcelandia without buying something.

Dulcelandia has four locations throughout Chicago - check their website for details.