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Updated: Gov. Rauner Is Meeting With Chance The Rapper This Week To Talk 'Important Issues'

By aaroncynic in News on Feb 27, 2017 4:33PM

Chance the Rapper performing at Magnificent Coloring Day / Photo: Tyler LaRiviere

Update, March 1:
The scheduled meeting between Chance and Gov. Rauner was canceled due to the tornadoes and severe weather that battered north central Illinois. Rauner was making his way to storm-affected areas in Illinois on Wednesday morning.

"My thoughts and prayers are with all those affected," Chance said via Twitter.

There's no word yet on the possibility of a rescheduled meeting to discuss education funding.

Update, 3 p.m.:

The meeting between Gov. Rauner and Chance will take place on Wednesday, according to tweet sent by the rapper on Monday. The two will discuss education funding in Chicago, Chance wrote.

Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner will privately meet sometime this week with Chance the Rapper, after the pair began Tweeting at each other after Chance took home three awards at the Grammy’s two weeks ago.

Chance Tweeted at the governor’s account to request the meeting after the account praised him for his big win.

The Chicago Tribune’s Morning Spin reports
Rauner let the information slip at a Black History Month event that took place at the Thompson Center on Friday. While giving praise to Dorothy Jean Tillman, a 10 year-old who was receiving a young achievement award for her work as a performance artist, Rauner said:

"I tell you, Dorothy Jean Tillman, this young lady, 10 years old, extraordinary talent. What an inspiration she is. I look forward to seeing her next week. She's going to come when I'm getting together with Chance the Rapper, I think the middle of next week."

The governor’s office did not say where or when the meeting would take place, only that the two would discuss “important issues affecting our state.”

We suspect Chance might want to address how the lack of a state budget has affected an already crippled system of social services that many in Chicago's neighborhoods rely on. Or, it's entirely possible (and hopeful) they might discuss the fight between the governor and Chicago Public Schools, which has had to freeze millions from some of the poorest schools in the city.

Chance, meanwhile, continued to do amazing things over the weekend, buying out an entire theater in Chatham so anyone who wanted could see the movie “Get Out.”