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Photo: Logan Square Intersection From 25 Years Ago Is Nigh Unrecognizable

By Tankboy in Arts & Entertainment on Mar 2, 2017 5:08PM

We are suckers for vintage photos of familiar intersections, so this shot posted by Redditor chiboulevards this morning brought back some fond memories.

The photo is a 1993 shot of the intersection at California and Milwaukee avenues, in a bygone era where Logan Square gentrification was just a twinkle in developers' eyes. As you can see in the photo, traffic at that intersection has always been, um, challenging. So it's nice to see that some things never change.

At this time, for me, Logan Square was home to some pretty fun house parties, often featuring live DJs playing these things called "records." And I could be wrong, but it appears as if this shot might be from before even Cozy Corner made its way into the neighborhood, since the Dearborn Wholesale Grocers building is still standing tall and proud. (I know—many of you probably thought Cozy Corner was a staple from the '20s or something.)

I do have to admit, I do not remember the Burger Inn, but just looking at this photo makes me really want a hamburger from that joint.

My personal favorite comment in the Reddit post is easily from hahah_u_suck, who said, "I can practically hear Nirvana playing in the background."

Though I do have to give kudos to Resin312 and preeetygood's exchange as well since it pretty much nails the subtext any post like this is bound to surface.