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Sue The T-Rex Is Running A D&D Game On Twitter & It Is Freaking Amazing

By Anthony Todd in Arts & Entertainment on Mar 7, 2017 5:35PM

Sue the T-Rex. Photo via Twitter.

If you're not already following Sue, the Field Museum's famous Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton, on Twitter, you should be. If I had to make a list of the most essential Chicago Twitter feeds, Sue's would be at or near the very top, combining Paleontology information, Field Museum news, Jurassic Park riffs and jokes about eating tourists for a combo that is frequently laugh out loud funny. Over the last few days, Sue (or whatever marketing manager runs her feed) has risen to a new height.

Sue has started to run a game of Dungeons and Dragons on her Twitter feed. Behold.

This isn't just a series of D&D references; it's a full-on game, complete with characters (of course, the main character is a "dino-sorcerer"), polls of the audience to decide what to do next, dice rolls (with photographs) and ridiculous antics. It also puts in subtle references to the Field Museum's work, as the party gets mixed up in a "rapid inventory" of a countryside filled with foliage.

It started innocently enough, late on the night of March 3, with a joke:

So far, it's gone on for almost 50 tweets and four days, and I have every reason to believe it'll continue this morning (it stopped at about midnight last night; even Sue needs to sleep).

You absolutely need to read the whole thread, but here are some of the highlights, as the party was hanging out in a tavern, failed a roll when searching for traps, was attacked by brigands (from the Great Lakes Science Center) and survived thanks to dino trivia: