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Photos: The Long-Awaited Park At Wrigley Plaza Is Officially Open

By Mae Rice in Arts & Entertainment on Apr 10, 2017 6:14PM

Photo via the Cubs

On Monday, The Park at Wrigley—an open-air plaza that was, once upon a time, Wrigley Field's triangle parking lot—opened in anticipation of the Cubs' home opener tonight. That game, against the Los Angeles Dodgers, could be cancelled if thunderstorms prevail, but there is no way to cancel how fancy Wrigley Field is becoming.

People have tried. Controversy dogged the current renovations when they were first proposed; the Park at Wrigley is just one of three major projects underway in the area. But the renovations won out, and then the Cubs won the World Series. At this point, Wrigley Field is basically fated to become a bougie paradise (or a tragic McDonald-free wasteland, depending who you ask).

The Park at Wrigley, the first piece of the Wrigley Field facelift, opened with a ribbon-cutting ceremony this morning—here are some photos, courtesy of Facebook user Tweed Thornton:

Soon, more events will roll out at The Park at Wrigley. The park's website notes there will be classy gameday tailgates (studiously not termed tailgates, of course), as well as farmers' markets and, in warm weather, outdoor movie nights curated by the Music Box.

Food-wise, there's going to be a "tavern-style" restaurant (named Brickhouse and opening this summer, Eater reports) and a Starbucks Reserve Bar (a Starbucks that serves beer and wine). The classy tailgates before Cubs games will also have "food and beverage options," the Park website notes, though it's unclear what exactly these will be. We'll find out tonight, if it doesn't rain too hard.

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