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A Corona At Wrigley Field Now Costs $10

By Anthony Todd in Food on Apr 11, 2017 2:16PM

Wrigley Field has always been somewhat notorious for high concession prices—after all, there's a ton of demand, they're right in the middle of Lakeview, and now, they're World Series Champions! Well, all that winning may have gone to their heads a bit, as prices have reached a level that may have some fans gasping for breath.

ESPN reporter Darren Rovell was at the home opening game Monday night, and tweeted out these photos of the concessions menus:

That's right, folks. A Corona at Wrigley Field now costs $10. An Old Style costs $9.50. Bottled water? $5.25. It almost makes movie theaters seem reasonable.

The Cubs were dinged a bit for this back in 2015, when Business Insider did a comparison of what a beer cost at major league stadiums. Wrigley was the second-most expensive stadium on the list, after Fenway. Worth noting? Back then the "crazy" high beer price was $7.75. According to the Tribune, a beer at Wrigley in 2016 also cost $7.75, though they don't identify the beer.

Now, to give the Cubs some credit, the photos also show that tax is included in the price, so that's inflating things a bit. But $10 for a Corona, even including tax, is still a lot of money. Just for reference, a 12-pack of Corona at Binny's costs $11.99 right now.