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This Is The Biggest Chicago Hot Dog We've Ever Seen

By Anthony Todd in Food on Apr 14, 2017 4:25PM

Photo via Reddit.

We love our Chicago-style hot dogs, but some people really, really love them. Like this guy, who is pretending to down the largest Chicago-style dog we've ever seen. This thing is so huge, it must have depleted the local sport pepper supply!

This originally showed up on Reddit, and some internet digging suggested that the man who is about to be in hotdog bliss land is likely Chef Michael Simmons of Cafe Marie-Jeanne. Also, his tattoo matches his photo on the restaurant's webpage.

If the Reddit thread is accurate and this was a birthday treat, it's definitely the best one ever. According to user "Bubbalubbagrubhub," the dog "Took an hour on the grill. Custom made bun. All the fixings. It was served as slices with extra condiments on the side. And was damn delicious."

We reached out to the user, who confirmed that it was for Simmons' birthday. We were not able to reach Simmons for comment Friday morning.

"It was at Cafe Marie Jean. Chef/Owner Michael Simmons turned 40. Chef Jan the CDC at Duck Duck Goat made the dog and the bun was made by the baker at Little Goat. It was on Monday. And it tasted great."
That's freaking amazing.