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Meet 'Wrigleyville's Finest,' A Chronicle Of The Neighborhood's Drunken Lows

By Stephen Gossett in Arts & Entertainment on Jun 8, 2017 7:10PM

Photo: Tyler LaRiviere

With its dominant culture of corporatized frat-bro hedonism, Wrigleyville circa 2017 can make for some fascinating rubbernecking—but to do so requires the undesirable necessity of, you know, going there during nighttime or Cubs-related peaks. Luckily, you can now get your people-/hate-watching jollies from the comfort of your own social media feed. Meet Wrigleyville's Finest.

The feed popped up just three days ago, but it's already massing an impressive roll call of neighborhood snark and quickly making the rounds.

The gallery as it stands now is well populated with the mildly functioning drunks and aggressive blowhards you'd expect from such a project; but you also get some nice deviations—although still perfectly in line with Wrigleyville, of course—like a proud RompHim early adopter and a couple canoodling as their car is towed away (at least, according to the post).

"It's meant for fun. We want people to have fun; but you don't want to have too good of a time," said Jason Pulliam, the man behind the account. Pulliam, a Logan Square resident, works as a doorman in Wrigleyville. He and colleagues would send each other photos of potential problem encounters as warnings. Looking over the photo haul, he "decided to have some fun with it," said Pulliam, who diabolically makes a point of wearing a White Sox hat for work shifts.

"I've definitely seen a lot in four years," he added.

Check out a sampling of the page's early offerings below, and be sure to tag your own documentation of the neighborhood's high-level bronados (if you dare venture) with #wrigleyvillesfinest. But please remember: while a bit of snark is fun, bigoted “jokes” are not. Be cool if you do contribute.

Goodnight. #gotosleep #wrigleyville #wrigleyvillesfinest

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WELP, at least she's got her jacket, I hear it's cold in jail. #lockedup #freewhitney #wrigleyville #wrigleyvillesfinest

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Must have been one hell of a pregame... #sleepwellmyfriend #wrigleyville #wrigleyvillesfinest

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Morning! #getupsharon #wrigleyville #wrigleyvillesfinest

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SPOILER ALERT: He doesn't get that last slice of pizza...I do. #dimospizza #wrigleyville #wrigleyvillesfinest

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When you just say fuck it and decide to spend the rest of your life single. #bromper #wrigleyville #wrigleyvillesfinest

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