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Investigation Launched After Disturbing Video Shows Off-Duty Cop Pin, Threaten Black Teen In Lansing

By Stephen Gossett in News on Jun 28, 2017 9:50PM


An off-duty white cop in Lansing, Illinois was caught on video pinning a black teen and threatening his life while shouting at him for trespassing on the officer's lawn. The Lansing Police Department said in a release on Monday that they are aware of the disturbing video—which has been viewed millions of times on Facebook—and are investigating.

In the video, which was was recorded on Saturday by a friend of the boy, the cop is seen on top of the teen, identified in reports as 15-year-old Jordan Brunson. "You guys are on my f---ing property!" he says with a hand on Brunson's neck.

The boy filming the video and Brunson both plead for the man to let him go. The cop, whose identity is unclear, then appears to say, "You come on my f-----g property, I’m going to f-----g kill you."

"Why are you doing this to me then?" Brunson asks later in the clip.

"Because your friend is being a f-----g idiot," the cop says.

"Then why you gotta do this do me?" Brunson asks again.

A woman standing on the porch is heard saying, "You came to the wrong house."

The video, which lasts about one-and-a-half minutes total, was uploaded to Facebook by Ann Falls, who says she is Brunson's cousin.

The incident seems to have stemmed from an earlier fight, which involved "approximately 30 juveniles," according to police. The fight had broken up by the time authorities arrived.

According to the police statement, the officer said he found a backpack and a "realistic-looking" BB gun that he didn't own on his property. Then, "he encountered a male white juvenile on his property"—presumably the boy who filmed the video—"bleeding from the face." The boy said he was just involved in a fight, according to police.

"While speaking with the white juvenile on his porch, a 15-year-old male black juvenile"—Brunson—"approached, also wearing a backpack," police said. "Both of the juveniles attempted to leave at that point in time. The off-duty officer told them to stay until the arrival of the police. The juveniles refused to stay and attempted to leave, resulting in the off duty officer physically detaining one of the juveniles. The juveniles were turned over to the responding officers upon their arrival."

Brunson later told WGN that he was trying to help his friend.

Family members of Brunson were alarmed at the video. The boy's aunt, LaShawnya Brunson, 42, told the New York Times, “Of course I was disgusted. I was upset. I was angry. I was confused, like why did you do this to this juvenile?"

“But my anger intensified when I realized it was a cop," she said.

A lawyer representing the family of Brunson told the Times "it’s just a complete lack of judgment by a member of the police using unnecessary and excessive force.”

The police officer was reportedly still on active duty as of Tuesday. A police spokesperson could not be immediately reached on Wednesday.