Wrigleyville's Taco Bell Will Be Replaced By A Sprawling New Development & People Are Already Very Bummed

By Stephen Gossett in Food on Aug 2, 2017 5:14PM


It might not draw the same outpouring of sadness as, say, the loss of Punkin Donuts, but lovers of the booze-mop fast-food staple that is Wrigleyville's Taco Bell will soon have to say goodbye—although for some, not without a fight. The property was sold in June to developers, who plan on replacing the bro-approved shame-eatery with a sprawling retail development (as is the neighborhood cycle nowadays). But a demonstration to save the spot emerged almost as quickly as news of the impending shutter itself.

The Taco Bell, which sits across Wrigley Field at 1111 W. Addison St., could be gone as soon as next summer. A source told Crain's, who first reported the story, that Taco Bell's lease runs through July of next year.

And when its out with drunken Gordita combos, it'll be in with a three-story, 40,000-square-foot retail and restaurant complex, according to a proposal outlined by Crain's. Plans call for a sweeping rooftop area plus a new Addison Street-adjacent patio. The developers, West Addison Development, bought the property for $8.9 million—which sounds about right for Wrigleyville property these days.

Via Crain's

While we tweak the nose of Wrigley Bell for its bro magnetism, we must admit to having lovingly partook. In fact, this writer just a few weeks ago dishonorably shoveled forth some soft tacos after a late-night Music Box viewing. At the very least, it provided some slumming counter-programming to the whopping development that will now soon engulf it.

Some folks in fact were already feeling the loss on Wednesday enough to call for a Save The Wrigleyville Taco Bell demonstration on August 26. "Come out and stand up for a wonderful establishment that has always been there for you when you've needed it the most," reads the event description. Mark your calendars now.

We haven't seen this much sorrow for the loss of a Wrigelyville fast-food outpost in favor of new boutique-y development since, well, last year, just across the street with McDonald's.

Maybe Taco Bell can just pick it up and drop if off in that Pilsen lot they're eyeing—although we wouldn't recommend it.