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Dunkin' Donuts Lies About 'Fake' Blueberries Tainting Its Donuts, Suit Claims

By Emma G. Gallegos in Food on Aug 7, 2017 9:44PM

Blueberry and Red Velvet Munchkins (Photo by Kevin Baird via the Creative Commons on Flickr)

Dunkin' Donuts is being accused in a class action lawsuit of lying about the fake "blueberries" in its donuts and munchkins by a customer.

Bartosz Grabowski has filed a formal complaint on behalf of himself and other Illinoisans against Dunkin' Brands, according to Legal NewsLine claims. The suit was filed on July 9 in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois, Eastern Division, and it claims that Dunkin's actions violated an Illinois law against fraud and deceptive business practices.

Dunkin' Donuts declined to talk about the case to DNAinfo, citing the pending litigation.

The complaint says Grabowski bought a glazed blueberry donut in December 2016 and felt hoodwinked by marketing materials when he found out the blueberries were mere imitation. He says he'd have never bought such a thing—or at least that he'd have paid less—had he known the truth.

Fake blueberries, for instance, do not contain the "antioxidant phytonutrients" that the real things do. The fake blueberries are little more than sugar, corn syrup, gums and artificial flavors and food colorings, according to the complaint.

The suit seeks over $5 million damages, restitution and court fees.

Grabowski says in the suit he is "likely to purchase the Blueberry Products in the future if they each were reformulated to include their Premium Ingredients." You know, like actual blueberries.