How To Live-Stream The Solar Eclipse From The Totality 'Crossroads'

By Stephen Gossett in News on Aug 21, 2017 2:50PM

Getty Images / Photo: Jeff J Mitchell

The wait is almost over. The celestial event of the century finally arrives today, and while The Man might not be thrilled about it, pretty much everyone else in the nation is. Speaking of the The Man, if you happen to be chained to your desk during the big moment—or if you're just feeling overcome with path-of-totality envy and demand a better view—NASA has you covered.

NASA EDGE, the agency's video podcast arm, will be kicking off a live stream at 10:45 a.m. CDT, outside Saluki Stadium at Southern Illinois University in Carbondale—which is of course the "crossroads" of the Great American Eclipse. (The city's 2 minutes and 38 seconds of darkness is longer than almost any other spot in the country.)

The 4-hour 30-minute webcast will feature much more than the eclipse itself, including some handy expert-provided context and demos, according to NASA:

"During course of the Megacast, NASA EDGE will be tracking the eclipse as it starts in Oregon and makes its way across the country ending in South Carolina. You will be introduced to some of the leading experts in the field of Heliosphysics and learn all about the Sun-Earth Connection. Lunt Solar Systems will be providing high resolution and stunning imagery of the eclipse in three different wavelengths of light: Hydrogen-Alpha, Calcium-K, and white light. Oh by the way, you will experience a scientific balloon launch from inside Saluki Stadium, observe several science demonstrations, learn how you can become a citizen scientist, and engage with subject matter experts through social media. So if you're unable to view the eclipse in person, don't worry. Sit back, relax and let NASA EDGE turn your location into the best seat in the house!"

Along with the live stream below, you can find links to the live webcast at NASA EDGE's Facebook and Twitter, also. Check back after the spectacle, too, when we'll have photos from Saluki Stadium

And you can follow the Weather Channel's live feed below, too:


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