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10 Awesome Kitchen Tools For Under $25

By Sponsor on Sep 24, 2017 5:00AM

Watch out, Bobby Flay.

If you're one of the three people on this planet who still uses speed dial, it's time to take your local pizza place off it. From a wine decanter to a corn stripper — it's not what it sounds like, we promise! — these 10 gadgets will make you actually want to get into your kitchen at home and whip up your own meals.

1. Salad-to-Go Container

Packing a salad for on-the-go dining is a real tough choice: You can either store every single ingredient in its own separate container so you're toting a small herd of Tupperware, or you can throw it all in one container and wind up with a bunch of wilted greens and soggy, dressing-saturated croutons. The Salad-to-Go Container eliminates that debate by combining a large bottom bowl, multiple topping compartments, a separate dressing vessel, and clip-on plastic utensils in one container, keeping your salad fresh all day.

Sale price: $11.99, 52% off the original price of $24.99. Buy it here.

2. Grape & Tomato Slicer

When it comes to grapes and tomatoes — heck, even grape tomatoes — chopping up small round fruits has never been easier thanks to the aptly named Grape & Tomato Slicer. Use it to quarter a handful of grapes at dinnertime to make them safer for you kiddos to scarf down, or pull it out when you need to dice up a couple cherry tomatoes to give your salad a juicy oomph.

Sale price: $9.99, 33% off the original price of $14.99. Buy it here.

3. Avocado Joy Slicer

If you're passing on home ownership in favor of avocado toast — an excellent choice, by the way — make sure you've got the Avocado Joy Slicer within reach. By combining all the tools you need to cut up a Persea americana, including a knife, stainless steel pitter, and a set of blades for uniform slices, this little gadget makes prepping avocados a breeze.

Sale price: $9.99, 50% off the original price of $19.99. Buy it here.

4. Herb Mill & Grinder

Mouth-watering meals are just a couple twists away with the Herb Mill & Grinder. (Note: No, not that kind of "herb.") Simply load it up with loose-leaf varieties like cilantro, oregano, or basil, then rotate its soft-touch ergonomic handle to mince them into fine bits for fresh seasoning.

Sale price: $18.99, 36% off the original price of $29.99. Buy it here.

5, Stainless Steel Herb Scissors

Any way you slice it, the Stainless Steal Herb Scissors are a must if you've got a home garden. Harvesting fresh herbs for your food right off a plant has never been easier; in just two snips, you'll get ten knife chops worth of herbs.

Sale price: $11.99, 52% off the original price of $24.99. Buy it here. 

6. Eravino Wine Decanter

Individually handblown from a single piece of crystalline glass using state-of-the-art pulled stem technology, each Eravino Wine Decanter is as unique as your own taste in vino. Their elegant shape isn't just for aesthetic, though: Eravino's artisans craft them with superior balance, clarity, tonal quality, and heat-resistance in mind so you'll savor every single sip of your favorite wine.

Sale price: $19.99, 66% off the original price of $59.99. Buy it here.

7. Nuvita French Press Coffee Maker

Hipsters are right to love French press coffee, a smooth, fragrant brew that tastes like it came straight from the bean. If you want a cup of it at home, don't worry about wasting time in line at that trendy new industrial-chic coffee house down the street; instead, just brew it in your own kitchen using the Nuvita Fresh Press Coffee Maker. Made with a stainless steel frame, heat-resistant glass and a strong plastic handle, the Nuvita's durable construction means you can even take it on the go. (After all, you never know when that caffeine craving will strike next.)

Sale price: $13.99, 65% off the original price of $39.99. Buy it here.

8. Corn Stripper

Shaving the kernels off a corn cob with a knife is too much work for too little payoff. The Corn Stripper's stainless steel blade, on the other hand, leaves no kernel un-cobbed, stripping all of those sweet, yellow niblets off their core into its attached container for easy meal prep.

Sale price: $9.99, 33% off the original price of $14.99. Buy it here.

9. Nuvita 6-Piece Stainless Steel Knife Set with Magnetic Wooden Block

Cleaver knife? Check. Bread knife? Check. Carving knife, utility knife, and pairing knife? Check, double check, and checkity-check. The ultra-sharp Nuvita Stainless Steel Knife Set has everything you could possibly need to slice, dice, bone, and julienne like a pro, plus a magnetic cutting board to store it all conveniently and stylishly.

Sale price: $19.99, 66% off the original price of $59.99. Buy it here.

10. 4-in-1 Foldable Slicer and Grater

Counter space is the most prime real estate in your kitchen by far, so versatile, collapsable tools are virtually priceless. The 4-in-1 Foldable Slicer and Grater fits that bill to a T, assembling into a stand-up tool with coarse, fine, and ribbon-cut grates and a slicer, then folding in a snap to clear up your countertop.

Sale price: $21.99, 45% off the original price of $39.99. Buy it here.

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